Terms and Conditions

Welcome to FastUSD- Bangladesh Best Dollar Buy Sell Exchanger


1).   It takes a minimum of 3-10 minutes for our order completed, and we pay fast, but we pay within

       a maximum of 30 minutes.If you have an urgent payment you an contact us live chat,

       facebook fanpage,viber, whatsapp, or call directly.

2).  You must pay a fee to purchase Skrill and Neteller. Skrill Minimum Fee - 0.62$ and Neteler Minimum Fee

      - 0.50$, and Skrill and Neteler Minimum Purchase 10$.

3).  If you need any immediate help or payment guaranteed, please feel free to contact us.
      You can find detailed contact information on contacting us.

4).  You need more information about what you need to pay (for this user)

5).  Any kind of advance money in our company Not provided. (You must pay first to get the service you need)

7).  Our expertise in gateway control also depends on the supply and demand relationship for security purposes.

      (You may have to wait longer if you can't find a service on the send or receive option, or you can request

       one via support@fastusd.me or live chat)

8).  If you request a refund or a refund of the Bkash, rocket money, it will take 24 hours for the

      charge to be deducted at 7% and the rest will be  refunded.

9).  We Don't support any kind of illegal or fraudulent funds Don't do If any kind of rational field is to be found

      then yours We have the right to block fraud money, and we have

      the ability to block your transaction in the future.

10). Don't Try Multiple Order Submission, Multiple Submission of same order over and over again

        will result in 5% charge deducted and account will be banned if faked order.


11). Don't use cash out or sending money any amount another person bkash, rocket, nagad and any another person account

        all time you use self account.


12). If someone calls Chat Sms or calls within 5 minutes of ordering, his payment will be made after 5 hours!


13.) Due to any technical problem, payment may be delayed by 1 to 24 hours. Examples are: Website maintenance, electrical  problems, internet problems etc.


14.)  Anti Money Laundering Regulation:

        No money can be transferred for any type of terrorist activity, if the quickusd authority in a transaction thinks you are

        trying to transfer money to an illegal or terrorist activity, your All money sent will have the right to be confiscated and all

        your information will be transmitted to the Bangladesh Legislature by the quickusd authority.

        Legislature by the quickusd authority. No transaction can be done without a freelancer in Bangladesh only.



16.) You must be over 18 in order to transact, no one under 18 can buy and sell.



Important Note:

FastUsd user If you agree to all of the above, you will be able to sell dollar buy, and you will always be required to abide by all policies of quickusd. At any time, the quickusd authority may change and amend the above-mentioned policies and conditions.